21st Century Book of Acts Church 

        God has been dealing with me personally and as a church body with the theme of “restoration”.  How do I as an individual compare to what God originally called me to be?  How does the church compare to the church God had originally built in the book of Acts?

When one would buy a house to restore back to its original state, they would study the blueprints, look at the original architectural characteristics that was intended by the first builder.  And then they would start the restoration process to restore the house back to the original intent. The restoration process can be messy, expensive, and take some time.

As I look at my life and the church I realize that we are in need of a restoration process to get back to what God had originally intended for us as individuals,  and as a church. When we look at the blueprints for the church, many have strayed from original intent of what God had built in the book of Acts.

As we start 2017 lets us compare our lives and our church to the original blueprints in the Book of Acts. How are we doing?  Do we need to restore some things? It may be messy, it may be expensive, it may take some time; but I for one want to be part of book of Acts Church in the 21st century!  I desire this!  I long for this!

Watchmen Knee wrote- “the church of the living God will go out stronger that when it came in”

Our theme for this year is a 21st Century Book of Acts Church in

Passion, Purpose and Power!